Teacher Training

pause meditation teacher training

Teacher Training Starts January 2020

Join Cheryl for Pause Meditation’s Teacher Training and Certification Program

Join us on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13th at 11:30 am – 12:30 pm to learn all about our program details.

Please let us know if you are interested in our teacher training and if you can attend this info session.

About Our Program

This program is designed for anyone wanting to dive deeply into personal practice or those interested in bringing the benefits of meditation to others. In this unique, in-depth meditation teacher training, you will have the opportunity to explore and deepen your own meditation practice and acquire the knowledge and skillset to teach others how to enjoy the benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

At Pause, our fundamental belief is that the best teachers are those with deep and authentic personal practice. For that reason, we spend significant time in this training helping you cultivate a deep personal practice from which you will have an understanding and depth of practice to guide others.


In this program you will . . .

  • Develop your own unique teaching style through expert led workshops and interactive discussions
  • Learn practical approaches to lead guided and silent meditation
  • Explore many meditation styles including concentration, compassion and open awareness practices
  • Understand how to set up for meditation and teach the basic practices to others
  • Gain a conceptual overview of ancient eastern philosophies
  • Explore the basic neuroscience and psychology of meditation

Our meditation teacher training includes . . .

  • Weekly Workshops consisting of guided meditation practice, exploration of specific topics each week, and Q & A.
  • One-On-One mentoring sessions to help with individual questions
  • Mini-Retreat giving all participants the opportunity to deepen their practice and explore longer meditation practices
  • Teaching Lab for those interested in certification that enables you to gain experience teaching and leading others in meditation.  In our Teaching Labs you will receive feedback from peers and teachers in a supportive and friendly environment to help you gain comfort and expertise in teaching.



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